Design thinking for business innovation

This is my first blog post in English at it-strategen. The reason is a course, Design Thinking for Business Innovation, at University of Virginia´s Darden School of Business through Coursera. I am on signature track for this course and to have the certificate I have to assert that I watched all lecture videos and also do the following:

  • Provide a description (300 words minimum for each tool) of how you have used at least 2 of the tools we have explored in this course in your life (either work or personal). In your description, discuss how you applied the tools to your design challenge and what you learned (for an explanation of the tools I have inserted a image at the end of this post).

I have spent some time thinking what area to explore as part of my assignment. And today it just struck me: I will do a snapshot of todays state of security on the Internet and do some brainstorming of new ideas and napkin pitches. I haven´t worked directly with security the last couple of years, but I have kept my eyes closely on what is happening. Also, I have had som indirect security-related missions that have kept me ”warm”.

So, with my rejuvenated passion for security I will assume the role of a layman and do an ”outside-in” dive in to the subject. During my work I will keep updating the blog with my views, assumptions, analysis and loose thoughts.

I have also bought the book ”Designing for growth – a design thinking tool kit for managers” by Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilivie.

design thinking tools