The circle is closing

In less than a week, on Thursday December 1st, I will rejoin Microsoft Sweden in a position as a Technology Solution Professional within the Enterprise Mobility and Security group. I have spent some time now to catch up with all that has happened since I left Microsoft 9 years ago. My initial thoughts were that I was quite on top of developments around Microsoft during those years and my ”refresh” would just need a couple of days. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, I have to admit with equal parts of fear and burning passion that I have to master mostly uncharted terrain 🙂

During the years outside of ”home” I have had the privilege to work with smart minds, challenging situations and meet truly amazing people who I will consider friends for the rest of my life. There is no way I can make justice to those experiences, so I won´t go in to details. Instead I will just add some bullet points to highlight happenings during 9 years:

  • Establishing LabCenter as the true meeting place for IT pros
  • Enlightening development mission for the Internet Foundation in Sweden
  • Architecting and establishing Cloud Sweden (article in Swedish that summarizes the impact of the organization) to foster the cloud development in Sweden
  • I ran numerous strategic workshops on cloudsourcing through my own company MyNethouse 2.0
  • Served as a chairman for the Swedish chapter of Internet Society, ISOC-SE
  • Co-developed and established eGrannar and served as the chairman for CityBlock Development
  • Served the board at the Stockholm chapter of the Swedish Computer Society
  • Served as IT-strategist, interim CTO and Security Advisor within the Swedish National Police. Also fulfilled a childhood dream by numerous missions with real police officers

Within each and single bullet point are numerous enlightening meetings with smart minds and wonderful people. And very soon I will join a company close to my heart and also filled with smart minds and wonderful people. Working close to customers and partners filled with smart minds and wonderful people. I am really looking forward to work on all opportunities that lie ahead. To fill my heart and mind with even more memorable experiences.


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